My recent work is all about 'abstrealism'. It's a word I invented myself, as I lacked a good description of my style of painting. Every now and than I discover another painter on the internet using this word. Sometimes as an alternative for what I would call 'abstract realism', in other words, a painting in one realistic style without too much detail.

In my opinion Abstrealism is a combination of abstract and (photo)realistic painting. After years of experiment I realised that the combination of these two opposite styles best express my vision on painting. Abstract painting gives me the opportunity to visualize a vivid composition, without unnecessary details. Photorealistic elements in that abstract composition give accent to the parts I want to stress. The paintings that result from this combination are spacious and tend to draw the eye of the spectator into the painting.

I hope you'll enjoy these paintings as much as I do! Please send me an e-mail for comment or for an order.

Kind regards,
Eline Vulsma