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painting The Loss

40 x 40 cm

Article code: P003

painting The Loss

This is a painting about mourning.
Maybe hard to believe when you look at the glitter and merry colours.
It's about the feeling of the next of kin when a beloved person has passed away.
The beloved person may be a member of the family, a friend or a colleague.

We're all little pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle. We connect to other pieces of the puzzle. We are a family or a team. The moment somebody dies, the jigsaw puzzle loses a piece.

A unique piece, an irreplaceable piece. It disappears in a black hole, like a butterfly into the night. What remains is a yawning void. No other piece will ever fit precisely into that gap.
Only after the relatives have accepted the death, will the sharp outlines of the gap fade away, just like the pain.

Painting The Loss, 40 x 40 cm, acrylic / glitter paint on linen. 

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